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Sonic Fusion Overdrive
Price $149 USD + Shipping

Premier Guitar Review and Video Demo
"This pedal will remind you of the tones you could get from a very expensive and sought after amp. Take your tone to the next level of sonic clarity with this spongy but articulate d-style drive."

The Sonic Fusion Overdrive is designed for a lower gain higher fidelity overdrive pedal. By using a high fidelity precision Op Amp the clarity of the Sonic Fusion easily delivers articulate country, blues, jazz and fusion tones. Four knobs control the overall volume, drive, tone and contour (which alters the gain structure and tonal ranges available to the overdrive circuit). At the lowest gain settings in the Fat mode the Sonic Fusion pedal can be used as a fat boost; add more drive and it will start to offer overdrive sounds for a tube preamp feel.