Artist Endorser:  Reggie Moses

"If had to gig with one pedal, The Sonic Fusion Overdrive is my choice.   It's a no brainer. Smooth overdriven tones & glassy sustain.   Plenty of articulated gain for pratically any musical application.  The Sonic Fusion pedal is extremely versatile & covers alot of musical ground.   Jazz, Rock, R&B, Reggae, Blues, Country, Pop.....whatever.   The Sonic Fushion Overdrive is THE PERMANANT FIXTURE on my pedalboard.   The Sonic Fusion Overdrive: it's a keeper.....BIGTIIME."

Reggie Moses has been playing guitar professionally since 1980. Originally a horn player, he switched to bass & then guitar. A "journeyman", he's worked with national and regional acts. His stock in trade is versatility. He literally plays anything & everything. On any given weekend you'll find him playing Reggae, Rock, R-n-B, Top-40 or Jazz. Originally from Hartford Conn., Reggie resides in Arlington, VA.
His day gig: working for "Uncle Sam" in Northern Virginia.
Favorite Band: Steely Dan
Favorite T.V show: "Law & Order"